Georgia - Vardzia Cave City, Achalciche

Vardzia Cave City, Achalciche  - Georgia

Achalciche is perfect starting point for visiting cave city Vardzia. Marushrutka cost 12 lari from Kutaisi to Achalciche and journey took 3 hours. There are many accommodations in Achalciche. Double room with bathroom cost 50-60 lari.

We rented a taxi (70 lari) for a day trip to visit nearby attractions:
  • Sapara Monastery founded in IX century. 
  • Chertwisi castle - it looks great outside but don't go inside, nothing special. 
  •  Vanis Kvabebi - modest version of Vardzia cave city. 
  •  Vardzia - cave city. The main period of construction was the second half of the twelfth century. The caves stretch along the cliff for some five hundred meters and in up to nineteen tiers.  Dwellings, water supply, irrigation network and defense system were constructed. The cave city was inhabited during wars. Church of the Dormition is the main attraction of the city. It is decorated with marvelous frescoes. Queen Tarmar was a founder of the Vardzia and she was painted on a wall of the church. We visited Vardzia by taxi but you can do it by marshrutka. It departures from Achalciche at 10.30 and goes back at 15.30. 
  • Sulphurous hot springs - don't forget to take swimming suit and towel for the trip. There are many hot springs around the Vardzia. Ask taxi driver to go to one of them.    
There is beautiful castle and citadel in Achalciche. It is very well preserved. The entrance fee is 6 lari. Don't miss to visit tower. There is panoramic view on the city, citadel, caste and surroundings. It took us c.a. 2 hours to visit the castle and the citadel.