Georgia - Mestia

 Mestia - Georgia

It was very long way from Tbilisi to Mestia, several hours. We took night train to Zugdidi. It cost 25 lari, 2nd class. There were 4 beds in 2nd class compartment. The 1st class compartment has 2 beds (30 lari).  Travelling scenic road from Zugdidi to Mestia was the final stage of long way.  Ticket cost 20 lari. The technical conditions of vehicle was very poor. It was old passenger van and one of the front window could not be closed, it was damaged. In the morning it was very cold in the van. There are many vans waiting for trains passengers in Zugdidi at 6 a.m.  Most of the marshrutka heads to Mestia. You have a choice. Check the condition of the van before you get in.

There are many accommodation in Mestia. You don't need to book accommodation in advance. We selected Adelina Guesthouse and it was good choice. We had a beautiful view on the mountains from the terrace.  Mestia has many tourist facilities. You easily find restaurants with local food. Junk food is also available

Svan Towers are the main attraction of Mesita. You need half a day to visit the town. There are some old churches, most of them are closed. You can't go inside. One of svan tower may be visited. It cost 2 lari. Thereare  many nice looking houses and modern police station building in Mestia.

We visited tourist information office to get information about trekking trails around Mestia. Three treks were recommended:
  1. a few days trekking to Ushguli. It is a very good choice if you have time, tent and other equipment,
  2. 15 km trekking to Chalaati glacier. Most of the trail (10-12 km) is going next to car road. It better to take a taxi than walking next to the road.  The rest of the trail must be completed on food.
  3. trekking to Koruldi lakes. This is the best trail for one day trekking. It was our choice.
The trail is very scenic. We took a lot of pictures of mountains covered by snow and green valley. It is not easy trekking. The distance is 16 km and altitude difference 1300 m. The trail is very steep. Koruldi lakes were frozen and covered by snow at the beginning of June.  Upper part of the trail is covered by snow as well. You don't need good trekking boots. Sport shoes will be fine for this trekking. The trail is not well labelled but it is easy to find it. In case you can use openstreet map ( the trail is on the map) and offline application