Georgia- Kutaisi, Gelati

Kutaisi, Gelati - Georgia

The road from Mestia to Kutaisi was very scenic. City Center hostel was our accommodation in Kutaisi. We paid 25 lari for a room without window and with share bathroom. We visited the city on food. Bagrati Cathedral is the main attraction of Kutaisi. The church has been renovated. Black columns inside and modern elevator outside destroyed original beauty of the Cathedral. There is a nice park in the centre of the city. It is perfect place to relax.

Gelati is located outside the Kutaisi. You can get there form Kutaisi bus station by mashrutka or you can take a taxi (15 lari - one way). Marshrutka goes there twice a day 8 am and 11 am. It goes back at 1 pm. 

Gelati Monastery is one of the most beautiful churches in Georgia. It's situated on the hill. The monastery is decorated with magnificent frescoes inside.  The monastery complex was academic centre in middle ages. According to the legend queen Tamar (it was the most prosperous time  during her reign in Georgia) was buried in secret place in Gelati Monastery.