Georgia - David Gareja

David Gareja - Georgia

David Gareja is located next to Azerbaijan border.  The trip to David Gareja takes all day. 
I think organised tour is the best option.  The most suitable tour starts from Pushkin monument at Liberty Square in Tbilisi at 10.30 am. It costs 30 lari and it is not guided tour, transport is  provided. You don't need book it in advance, just come c.a. 10.00 am to the monument. 

David Gareja  is a rock-hewn Georgian Orthodox monastery complex. The complex was founded in the 6th century. There is a a main church and  rock-hewn monks modest apartments next to a parking . The church is available for visitors but the apartments are not. Another small monastery is located next to a trail. You need to walk up from the parking.  The monastery is closed. People look in inside through the window.

The trail is quite steep. There is panoramic view on the top of  a hill. There is Azerbaijan on the right and Georgia on the left.  The main trail is heading on the top of the hill.  There is another trail next to the main one but a little bit lower on the right. Please check it carefully on you map. If you go this trail you will be able to visit small rock-hewn churches and monasteries. The second trail was closed in June 2019. Georgian uniform men informed ' It is buffer zone between Georgia and Azerbaijan and it is closed for visitors'. We could not see most of David Gareja attractions.  Despite of this we enjoyed panoramic view and monasteries on the way to the top of the hill.