Armenia - Yerevan

Yerevan - Armenia

We spent a few days in Yerevan. It is a good starting point for many attraction in Armenia. Star hostel is our accommodation. It is a perfect location to visit the city. Double room without bathroom and with breakfast - india style, cost 10k DRAM.

Yerevan is very nice city, full of green squares. The city was designed by great architecture Alexander Tamanian in 20s of XX century. It was really good job. The city is friendly for inhabitants and tourists. My favorites attractions of the capitol city:

  • Republic square,
  • Cafesjian Center,
  • Armenian Genocide Museum - it is located in beautiful park. The museum says a story of genocide Armenian. Turks killed 1.5 mln - 2 mln Armenian between 1890 -1920. Most of the Armenians were exterminated in 1915-1917
  • Katoghike church - the oldest in the city,
  • St. Anne church,
  • green squares and parks with coffee,