Armenia - Useful tips and interesting facts

Useful tips and interesting facts - Armenia

  • Visa - EU member states citizens don't need visa. 
  • Exchange rates. Armenian currency is DRAM (AMD). USD, Euro and Russian rubles are widely exchanged in Armenia. You can exchange money in banks, exchange offices. Exchange rate in June 2019: 
    • 1USD - 470 DRAM
    • 1 EURO - 530 DRAM
  • Prices. Dinner cost 5000 - 8000 DRAM in restaurant.  
  • Transport in Georgia. Generally transport fee is paid at the end of a journey, just before getting off. Check the price before you get in a marshrutka or a bus. 
  • Food is good and very similar to Georgian ones. Barbecue is very popular. Armenian wines are very good.
  • Young people speak English in Georgia. Older generation speaks Russian very well. 
  • Armenian economy is not strong. The unemployment rate is high. Young people migrate to Russia. Older generation speak with nostalgia about CCCP.
  • There is a night train from Yerevan to Tbilisi. Second class ticket cost 30k DRAM. There are 4 beds in second class compartment. The border controls are in the middle of the night. This is the disadvantage of the night train.