Armenia - Travel Map & Introduction

Travel Map- Armenia

This is a map of travel route to Armenia and Georgia.

Introduction- Armenia

When you plan travelling to Georgia you can think about visiting neighboring country - Armenia. It is enough one week to see main attractions in Armenia.

You can pass Georgian-Armenian border in a few ways:
  • plane. It takes less than hour plus transport to/with airport to the city center. This is the most expensive option. 
  • train. This the slowest connection. The train goes in the night. You can save some money on accommodation but you would not be able enjoy the view. It is quite costly
  • marshrutka. This is the cheapest one option.  Marshrutka goes twice faster than train. 
I recommend to travel one way by train and the other by masrhrutka.

Generally European people don't need visa but passport is obligatory.

There are banks and exchange offices in bigger cities. USD, EURO and Russian rubles are accepted. Armenian currency is DRAM (AMD).

Armenian history is very dramatic and interesting. Please read about it before you visit Armenia.