Armenia - Sevan Lake

Sevan Lake - Armenia

Our next destination is Sevan. Marshrutka cost 1500 DRAM from Alaverdi to Sevan via Dilijan . We get off the bus next to Sevan Lake peninsula. We went down the peninsula and look for accommodation. There are two types of accommodation:

  • expensive hotels cost 15k-20k DRAM but the standard is modest. 
  • cheap summer houses 8k DRAM. Standard is terrible. It was our choice and it was mistake. 
We had fresh fish, beer and salad for dinner. It cost 7,5 DRAM. 

Sevan Lake is very good place to relax. The view is magnificent. The best place to enjoy the view is a hill where monastery is located. The monastery was founded in VIII century and it nice place for completion and pray. 

Sevan lake and the monastery is great but I don't recommend accommodation next to the lake. Dilijan is much better town to spend night. Take marshrutka or taxi to Savan Lake, enjoy the lake and visit the monastery and go back to Dilijan for a night.