Armenia - Noravank

Noravank - Armenia

There are three options to get to Noravank:
  • taxi - expensive but it is good option for three or four people,
  • local travel agency excursion,
  • public transport. It is a little bit complicated but the cheapest option.  
We chose the last option and this is instruction how to do it:
  1. take underground train to Gortsaranayin station. There is bus station next to the station. Take a marshrutka to Areni (1200 DRAM, 2 hours).
  2. In Areni take return taxi to Noravank. We paid 4000 DRAM and I think it was to expensive. 
Two churches are located in Noravank religious complex. There are interesting ornaments in the churches. The location is the biggest advantage of the complex.  The churches are fantastically integrated with mountains.  

We went back to Arni and bought delicious local wine. It was very cheap and free sample of local wine and vodka were available. I was very boozy in the marshrutka to Yerevan.