Georgia - Map & Introduction

Travel Map

This is a map of travel route to Georgia and Armenia.


Georgia is getting more popular travel destination.The most popular are package holidays but there are many backpackers as well. Most travelers come from Russia, Poland and Western Europe. Georgia is safety country and Georgian people are hospitable and friendly.

My flight from Warsaw to Tbilisi cost 150 Euro, return flight with cabin luggage - up to 8 kg. Two airlines provide flights from Warsaw to Georgia: Wizzair - cheap airline and Lot - Polish national airline. You can buy cheap tickets in a few weeks/months before departure.

Passport and customs formalities took about 30 minutes in Tbilisi. 

There are a few exchange offices at the Tbilisi airport. The exchange rates are pretty good. 

You can take a bus no. (1)37 to the city center. It cost 2 lari. It runs 24 hours a day in the summer. In the winter it runs from 5.30 am till 7.00 am. The frequency is 1-2 buses per hour.