Jordan - Useful tips & interesting facts

Useful tips & interesting facts

  • You need 10-11 days to visit the most interesting attractions in Jordan. You managed to see the interesting sites in 7-8 days but you will in hurry. 
  • Money exchange. They charge 10% commission at airport exchange office. Exchange money at bazaar (suk) in Amman with no commission. Exchange rates in November 2018:
      1 JD - 1,24 Euro
      1 JD - 1,40 USD

  • Rent a car if you are not travel alone. The traffic conditions are friendly to European drivers. Try to avoid driving in Amman. It can be a bit difficult. There is no or very poor public transport in the south of Jordan. Taxi or rented car is the only way of transport.  You don't need a car in the North of Jordan. The public transport is reliable. 
  • Hitchhiking. Give a lift to travelers. Let's help each other.  
    • Uber is available in Amman. It is half a price of taxi fee for foreigners.  The drivers usually don't speak any English. Buy local sim card to use uber application or Internet at all. Roaming internet is very expensive in Jordan.
    • I recommend with offline maps and navigation. You can upload bookmarks from google maps and follow offline navigation in Jordan. It works great. 
    • There are c.a. 10 million people in Jordan. Almost half of them are refugees mostly from Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon. 
    • Jordanian are very talkative people. Most of them speak good English. They like talking about travelling, family life and political situation in Middle East. It is a great opportunity to get know alternative to mainstream mass media opinions on Middle East issues.