Jordan - Madaba


Madaba Hotel is out accommodation in Madaba. We paid 18 JD for double room with breakfast and bathroom. There is open roof  with nice view on the city on the top of the hotel. 

Madaba is famous of beautiful mosaics. Christians are significant minority in the city. In my opinion Madaba is much more interesting than Amman. It is enough a day to visit all attractions in the city but I recommend to stay in Madaba two days and enjoy unique atmosphere of the city. All attraction are located in the old town and you can visit them on foot. Entrance fee to all attractions is included in the Jordan Pass. The entrance to churches is exception. The fee is 1-2 JD per church. There are a lot of souvenir shops in Madaba.
This is a list of attractions in Madaba:
  • St. George's Church, famous of a map of Middle East. The mosaic map was created in VI century. 
  • Church of the Beheading of John the Baptism with a copy of Umm ar-Rasas mosaic. Visit the basement and a tower. Enjoy the best panoramic view on the city form the top of the tower.  
  • Church of the Apostels with beautiful floor mosaics. 
  • 2 Archeological sites
  • Madaba Museum.