Jordan - Introduction, Map of travel

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Jordan is a desert oasis of peace located in the conflict zones of Middle East. Due to US financial and military support there is relatively stable economic and political situation in Jordan. There are about 10 million inhabitants in Jordan. Approximately half of them are refugees from Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, etc.

Tourists and travelers visit Jordan mostly because of the ancient city of Petra, which is one of the seven new wonders of the world.

Government of Jordan has introduced regulations to make 1-2 days visit very expensive. Simultaneously the government promotes local tourist industry.

Amman Queen Alia International Airport has welcomed low-cost airlines eg. Ryanair.

Jordan Pass is a next incentive for travels to spend more time ( at least 4 days) in Jordan.
Jordan Pass can be only purchased by Internet: Almost all tickets to government tourist sites are included. The list of sites you can find here: Tourist entry visa fees is also waived for Jordan Pass holders. The standard price for VOA is 40 JD. The price of Jordan Pass depends on number of visit days in Petra.

Bus Express provides the cheapest transfer from airport to Amman. A one-way ticket costs 3,2 JD. The bus runs to North Bus Station in Amman every 0,5/1 hour. A taxi from North Bus Station cost 3-4 JD (tourist price).

It is a good deal to book accommodation via You don't need to pay in advance for the accommodation or even provide your credit or debit card details.

Money exchange. There are a few exchange offices at the airport. The exchange rate is comparable to bank or exchange office in Amman but the airport exchange agents charge with c.a. 10% of commission. There is no commission at exchange offices in the city. USD, EURO or GDP are widely exchanged.

Rent a car. The Jordan traffic customs are friendly for European drivers and I recommend to rent a car. The best deal can be made by Internet a few days/ weeks before Holidays. The public transport is not well organised in the south part of Jordan. The public transport doesn't go to many tourist attractions eg. desert castles. You can reach the destinations only by taxi or a car.

How many days in Jordan? 10-11 days are the most suitable. You can manage to complete the following plan in 7-8 days. This is the best travel plan for Jordan:
- Amman: 1 day
- Jerash i Ajloun Castle: 1 day
- Zamki na pustyni- 1 day(by taxi or a car. I recommend to rent a car)
- Petra - 1-2 day
- Wadi Rum - 1 day/1 night
- Madaba - 1-2 days.
- Bethany, Nebo Mount - 1 day
- Dead Sea - 1-2 days.