Jordan - Dead Sea

Dead Sea

It is very relaxing to finish travel to Jordan at Dead Sea. It is natural spa. You can take a bath in a very salty water full of minerals. It is so salty that you can sit on the water and read a book. You don't need to worry about drowning. We spent 2 days at Dead Sea Spa Hotel. One night cost 70 JD. It was the price for double room with bathroom and breakfast. Dead Sea bath, mud bath, a few swimming pools were included in the price. We had to  pay extra for lunch and dinner. It was expensive : 10-30 JD but if you have a car you can eat out in the town a few kilometers out of the hotel.  I recommend two or at least one night at the resort next to Dead Sea. It great relax and very unique experience.
There is no public transport to Dead Sea. You need a taxi, car or hitchhike. The hitchhiking works but it is not free. Ask about the price before get in.