Ethiopia interesting facts

Ethiopia interesting facts

Money, Money 

Ethiopians attitudes to foreigners: 

  1. Unfortunately, most of Ethiopians treat tourists as ATM. Most tourists give away a lot of money, pens, copybooks, sweets. It doesn't matter how many items is given away. It is always not enough and you will be asked for more and money. Sometimes tourist are called 'money' by children and it shows Ethiopians approach to travellers. 
  2. Go away. Some Ethiopians don't accept foreigners at all. Ferengi are not welcomed.
  3. Some, not many,  people are keen to meet travelers, chat with them.

AK 47 in a bus

Weapon possession is not allowed in Ethiopia. The law is not obey in remote territories, eg. Omo Valley. Many people have Kalashnikov rifle. They travel in a bus, do shopping in a market, walk on the street with guns.

Sweets, pens, copybooks for children

Ethiopia is a poor country. Many parents don't have enough money to provide children with pens, copybooks, books or sweets. You can take copybooks, sweets, pens to give them away in remote parts of Ethiopia. Don't take mint sweets. Children don't like them. The favourite one is toffee. It doesn't matter how much sweets, pens etc you take with you. It won't be enough. Horde of children will follow you asking for more. Don't give money away, it makes local people think that you are ATM.