Ethiopia- Lalibela


We left with Addis Abeba by a rented car in the early afternoon. It was not enough time to reach Lalibela the same day and we had to spend night in hotel on the road. We paid 400 birr for a double room. The next day, we reached the destination.

The route from Addis Abeba to Lalibela was very exotic. It was a time travelling. We moved 150 year back in time. There were no power in villages. Ladies and children took water from the water wells and had to carry it several kilometers. The meals were cooked on the fireplace inside the houses. In the night the inhabitants used candle light. During wet season temperature drop to 2-5 degrees above zero in the night. It is too cold for cows to stay outside. They are taken to the house and sleep with people. 

In Lalibela, Honey Land Hotel was our accommodation. We paid 1000 birr for a 3-bedroom with bathroom and breakfast. The standard is very high. we went to visit  rock-cut churches. The ticket cost 50 USD and was valid for several days. The complex is big and connected with tunnels. We decided to hire a guide, 600 birr. There are many symbols in the site and it is not possible to identify them without the guide. It is enough one day to visit the churches. 

Outside the complex you will be surrounded by children that begging for money, pens, copybooks etc.

Next to the rock-cut churches there was a music class on open air. Children improved their music skill. You can watch it on the movie:

Women were dressed very colorfully and elegantly in Lalibela. However be careful with taking a picture the person. Ask for the permission before take the photo. Sometimes it is not free and you have to pay 5 birr.